The Roccamare Resort is located in Rocchette, about 7 km from Castiglione della Pescaia, a characteristic medieval village overlooking the sea.
Thanks to its strategic location, from the hotel it is possible to reach some of the most beautiful beaches of the coast.

Le Rocchette

600 meters from the Roccamare Resort. Walking time: 10 minutes.


The Roccamare Resort is about 700 meters from one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the Tuscan Maremma: the Rocchette beach.
Surrounded by a centuries-old pine forest and lush vegetation typical of the Mediterranean scrub, the Rocchette beach extends from the Punta Capezzòlo promontory to the Forte delle Rocchette, an ancient tower of sighting built in the twelfth century.
The Rocchette beach is characterized by golden sand, crystalline waters and sandy bottoms dotted with small rocks. The closest access to the beach is a few hundred meters from Casa di Levante through an easy walk in the pine forest.


Cala Violina

13 km from the Roccamare Resort. Travel time by car: 15 minutes.


Cala Violina beach is one of the most beautiful in Italy; it is located between Follonica and Punta Ala and is surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the Bandite di Scarlino reserve.
Being reachable only by sea or on foot, by bike or on horseback, Cala Violina is a special place for sports and nature lovers.
In the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the beach there are tables equipped to have a picnic and rest during the hottest hours.
The absence of nearby bathing establishments, bars and restaurants have preserved the beauty of this beach, keeping it unspoiled and making it a real paradise.


Cala Martina

20 km from the Roccamare Resort. Travel time by car: 30 minutes.


Less famous but just as beautiful, the beach of Cala Martina is also located in the heart of the Bandite di Scarlino reserve. Surrounded by the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub, it is characterized by a pebble beach.
Cala Martina can only be reached by sea or on foot or by bike.


Cala Civette

14 km from the Roccamare Resort. Travel time by car: 20 minutes.


Cala Civette is one of the most pristine and wild beaches of the Gulf of Follonica. Torre Civette, built in the sixteenth century, dominates the promontory and gives the beach its name.
Cala Civette is easily reachable: starting from Casa di Levante you can continue towards Follonica, turn towards the Puntone tourist port, park and from there take the first path of the Bandite di Scarlino or park near Camping Punta Ala and from there wade the river Alma.


Torre Mozza

28 km from the Roccamare Resort. Travel time by car: 30 minutes.


Torre Mozza beach is located between Follonica and Piombino, about 30 km from Le Rocchette.
The beach is dominated by a fifteenth-century fortification, the Torre Mozza, which once served as a lookout point and defense of the coast and today is the symbol of the beach.
For diving enthusiasts this beach is certainly one of the best in the area thanks to the presence, a few meters from the shore, of a reef that hosts different varieties of fish.


Punta Capezzòlo

5 km from the Roccamare Resort. Travel times by car: 10 minutes.


The Capezzòlo beach is located 5 km from Roccamare, just outside the center of Castiglione della Pescaia, close to the Punta Capezzòlo promontory from which it takes its name.
From Bagno Capezzòlo, a bathing establishment located in the northern part of the promontory, the coast is sandy and with a walk of several kilometers allows you to reach Le Rocchette.
Capezzòlo is the ideal place for families with children but also for couples or groups of friends in search of a day of complete relaxation.

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