The Roccamare Resort is part of Carattere Toscano: not only a group of hotels which share a style and positioning of a rare beauty, but, above all, a group of people who work together because they believe in multiplication over addition.


Simply putting together what you have available to you does not actually require any particular talents. Historically, for us, what has truly allowed us to progress has been those qualities that allow the end result to grow exponentially: reliability, responsibility, dedication, and a few sleepless nights. In short, multiplications.


At the moment, though, we are not looking to our roots, but rather our branches and leaves. So, why should you want to join our Group? So many answers come to mind for us, but, as we wouldn’t want to rob you of the pleasure of discovery, we will limit ourselves to providing just a few of them.


Because we are a Group where personal relationships still count. A lot. You will never be a number and you’ll always find someone who will help you and take care of your problem.


Because in our Group, people only grow by virtue of the professionalism shown in the field: with us, competence still has value.


Because we know how to invest in people: if you’re proactive and want to grow, we will help you climb the ladder.


Because we are not a multinational company: you will have the pleasure of seeing the tangible results of your work, and every mission accomplished will bear your mark.


Because we are an Italian company: we work in the local area, trying to make it better, because this is where we live every day.


We know how to keep promises: if you think you’re the right fit for us, come and show us what you can do.

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Roccamare Resort

Strada Provinciale delle Rocchette
58043 Castiglione della Pescaia (GR), Italia

Tel. +39 0564 941124 - Fax: +39 0564 941133